Pac Ngoi Village

Pac Ngoi is one of the many villages that make up the communities living in Ba Be National Park and around Ba Be Lake. The village consists of 70 families of the Tay ethnicity. Any visitor will immediately notice that the inhabitants of the village have taken great care to protect and preserve the ancient architectural style of the Tay people. Because of this, every house sits on stilts, the traditional Tay way, and feature large communal areas.

Pac Ngoi Village
Stunning views of the fields, lake and mountains from the homestay.

As the village is located right on the shore of Ba Be Lake, the primary economic activity is fishing. However, this is supplemented by rice agriculture and animal husbandry, with many of the homes having large rice fields and animals located nearby.

Pac Ngoi Village Ba Be
Everyone in Pac Ngoi owns a boat, owing to its location on the lakeshore.

Pac Ngoi truly feels like a different world from the big cities on the coast, and is a fantastic place to stay for a few nights as you explore the beauty and authenticity of Ba Be National Park.
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