Ba Be Lakeview - Minh Tan Guest House

Located on the shores of Ba Be Lake, near Bo Lu village, Minh Tan Guest House represents a great alternative to the local homestays if you are looking for complete privacy.

The house is very recent, its construction was completed in 2018 and includes all the comfort and modernity you may expect from a new building. It was designed in a very clever way by a man who knows the area like the back of his hand.

Tu is the owner and manager of the guest house. He and his wife are part of the Tay community leaving in Bo Lu village. She is a preschool teacher and full time mother for their two little boys.
The history of Tu is fascinating as he was part of the Vietnamese Army and protected his country for a few years.

Minh Tan Guest House

In Vietnam, military service is still highly encouraged and it is required than men get enlisted for a minimal duration of two years before being allowed to return to their families. When Tu returned to his parents and his first passion: cooking. He had nourished the dream to open his own restaurant in his beloved village and become a chef for the local communities, using local ingredients and traditional Tay techniques.

Minh Tan Guest House

His restaurant being a success, opening a guest house was the most logical pursuit of his dream.

Minh Tan Guest House includes 6 rooms on the ground floor, each has its own balcony from which you can jump directly into the waters of Ba Be Lake.
The 1st and 2nd floors count 12 rooms, all with private bathroom.

The restaurant is now located on the roof top, with an unobstructed view on the park and the glistening waters of the lake.

Is there a better way to enjoy a private time than with the services of a hotel at so little expenses?

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