Ba Be Lakeview - Hoang Nguyen Homestay


Our homestay is family-run, Hoi and his relatives have been in charge of the house for the past fifty years. Three generations live together and share the responsibility to care for the passing travellers.
Hoi is the head of the family with his wife Son. He runs the homestay with the help of his son Vinh and his daughter-in-law Nu.

Ba be lakeview - hoang nguyen homestay
Family photo

Vinh is a boatman on Ba Be Lake, just as his father was before he retired. He also uses his skills and expert knowledge of the area to drive tourists around the lake and take them fishing.
His wife Nu, is a school teacher. She looks after young generations of Tay people, ensuring tradition and culture is protected and shared with the travellers passing through the village.
They both welcomed the third generation of the family living in this house, Hoi’s grand-daughter Ha.

Tay families working hard in the fields
Tay families working hard in the fields

Every day they eat dinner together as a family, and guests are more than welcome to join in on their family meals.

Their house and homestay is a traditional Tay house, constructed by hand over 50 years ago, and located in the Tay village of Pac Ngoi. Its ideal location in the highest part of the lake means it possesses amazing views of the lake and is surrounded by mountains from every direction. To learn more about the house and its facilities, please visit our Homestay page.

Local Tay woman showcasing a traditional music instrument
Local Tay woman showcasing a traditional music instrument

Quality of life was traditionally low in the remote rural areas of Northern Vietnam, but by shifting to tourism, families like Hoi’s have been able to generate much value for both their families and the community as a whole. This local approach to tourism also ensures social and environmental responsibility, as rather than being exploited by outside entities for profit, the local people have full control of their homeland and have the only say in how it should be run and managed.

Hoi and his family believe that, in this way, travellers can better enjoy their experience when visiting, as they know their money is going to the right place, namely to locals who care deeply for the environment and people of the area. To help accomplish these goals, the homestay is supported by TrustedDMC as part of their network of homestays.

The views from the homestay are amongst the guests’ favourites
The views from the homestay are amongst the guests’ favourites

We welcome all travellers to our little slice of Vietnam to enjoy truly authentic cultural experiences and jaw-ping natural scenery. Although we recommend staying at least two nights to allow enough time to get to know each other and for you to go on some of our great tours in the surrounding area accompanied by local people.

On behalf of the whole family, we look forward to meeting you!

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